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About MyMoneySouq

MyMoneySouq is a website for people in Bahrain to learn more about the various financial products that are available for their advantage. The site was designed to help people understand the various types of financial solutions that are available and how they might work for anyone’s particular needs.

You will certainly benefit from this site if you need assistance with figuring out the best possible financial solution for your demands. It will help you get the most out of your money irrespective of the investment you are planning to.

The goal is to educate people and make smart decisions while choosing a financial product that they can benefit from. Whether it entails a loan, an insurance policy or a credit or debit card MyMoneySouq will help you learn more about what’s available.

MyMoneySouq Bahrain is clearly laid out in four sections dedicated to loans, insurance, cards, and accounts. The information listed on the site will give you a clear idea of what to expect while finding financial solutions and knowing what to find out of them all.

Available For Nationals and Expats

The information that you will find on MyMoneySouq is appropriate for all Bahrain residents. It is ideal for both nationals and expats in the country on working or study visas. You might be eligible for different solutions depending on your residency status so be sure to look carefully to get a clear idea to what to expect out of your policy.


A loan can be critical to helping you afford many assets in your life. MyMoneySouq Bahrain will help you learn more about various loans in Bahrain.

The site offers information on four different kinds of loans:

  • Personal loans can be used for your personal expenses
  • Home loans to help you afford the home of your dreams
  • Car loans to help you get a new or used vehicle
  • Business loans designed to fund business expenses; these include emergency costs, startup capital, and expansion expenses

The site provides information on each type of loan and how well each option works. This includes a look at the individual points that go into a loan, profiles of various banks that can provide you with a loan and so forth.

You can also compare some of the more popular loan options from many of the top Bahrain banks. Details on interest rates, tenures and the maximum amount you can loan out are included in each profile.


Insurance is a real necessity in your life. You must have insurance in order to cover the sudden expenses that might come about in your life. Fortunately, MyMoneySouq will help you learn all about insurance.

There are five particular types of insurance policies that you can take advantage of.
MyMoneySouq has information on all five of these options:

  • Car insurance is mandatory for all Bahrain licensed drivers who own their own private vehicles. This site covers information on all the individual types of insurance policies you can use.
  • Health insurance is used to cover quite a lot expenses relating to preventative health care, emergency services, and hospitalization. This can help quite substantial in that there is no telling when you might experience an injury or illness.
  • Life insurance helps you protect your family in the event of your death or disability. Points on whole and term life insurance are covered on this site.
  • Travel insurance will cover expenses relating to cancellations, lost luggage and other unexpected costs that might come about on your vacation. You can learn through our site about both single and multi-trip policies.
  • Home insurance covers the expenses relating to repairing damages to your home. Some policies will also cover the contents inside your property.

This site offers information on each insurance policy as well as what to find in a policy and what exclusions are involved in such policies. Insurance is critical for your life as it can help you keep from losing untold amounts of money on expenses that you might not have planned for.

The site also has details on many popular insurance policies offered by various banks. These include points on the terms involved with these policies and how much money they are good for.


You might be amazed at the extensive variety of credit and debit cards that are available for you. These include cards that offer special rewards and ones that are good for particular business functions. You can also find some debit cards that may link to a particular bank account you hold.

No matter what kind of card you want to take in, you can always find some great deals on your option. MyMoneySouq Bahrain has plenty of details available in terms of who offers different cards and what you can get out of each one. You will learn about the types of cards that are available as well as the assorted types of benefits that you can get out of each one.

These cards are also sorted based on many important points like the minimum salary you need to earn, the annual fee involved, the interest and balance transfer rates associated with your card and whether you can get cashback offers on your card. The details are always varied in terms of what you can get out of a card so be sure to look carefully when finding a great option.

MyMoneySouq Bahrain will certainly help you out with finding a choice that fits in perfectly with the demands you might hold for getting such a card.


You can find a variety of appealing accounts with different banks all around Bahrain. Nationals and expats alike will certainly benefit from what banks offer.

MyMoneySouq Bahrain has information on deposits accounts and what you can get out of them. These accounts are varied in terms of what you can get out of them and include such options as the following. You will learn more about these options throughout the entire MyMoneySouq Bahrain website.

  • A savings account provides you with a space in which you can secure your money in. You can use the account to get profit on your card over time.
  • Current accounts are designed with businesses in mind and are made for those who take in multiple transactions coming in and out. This is especially made with contra transactions in mind.
  • Deposit accounts allow you to secure a particular amount of money into a high-interest account.

Information on any rates and fees may be included are also covered in this section. This is to help you prepare for what to expect out of your financial investment needs in the country.


We offer different types of calculators like EMI calculator, Mortgage calculator, Car loan calculator, Debt Burden Ratio calculator.

You can always take advantage of our loan calculators. You can use those by entering in the amount of money on your loan, the interest rate and a number of years needed for paying it off. You can get a clear idea of what you will have to spend each month on your loan. Using the debt burden ratio calculator you can understand your DBR instantly.

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MyMoneySouq Bahrain also has a blog that offers up to date information on the latest trends in the world of money and managing your funds. You will learn about new developments and offers and even find assorted tips on what to do with your money. The information that will be available here will certainly be to your advantage.

Our Pledge To You

We at MyMoneySouq want you to understand that we care about your funds. We are always working to find ways to help people in Bahrain in finding the right financial solutions. Our goal is to give you a clear idea of what to expect out of your funds and what you can get from them.

Remember, your money is important and you need to manage it the right way. You can always get the most out of your money when used right. Take a look around MyMoneySouq and you will see that there are plenty of great solutions that will help you get the most out of what you are investing in.