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Albaraka Bank

Last Updated on 08 January 2020

About the Bank

Albaraka bank came into existence in 1984 and since then it has been expanding its operations in different countries. In 2010 Albraka bank merged with Emirates global finance bank in Pakistan. Albaraka bank has opened 74 new branches in over 100 cities. As part of the entry strategy in key markets, Albaraka has acquired a 60% share of Itqan capital in 2012 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Albaraka Bank offers a broad range  of banking products & services like -  various Accounts, Finance, Credit Cards, Insurance etc. Let’s explore all the Albaraka Bank’s  Products and Services here: 

Products of Albaraka Bank


Savings Account

Current Account

Investment Account

alBaraka Account


Property Finance

Auto Finance

Term Finance

Trade Fiance

Other Good Service Finance

Working capital Finance

Credit Cards

Platinum Credit Card

Titanium Credit Card

World Credit Card

Gold Credit Card


Building Insurance

Car Insurance

Travel Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Popular Products & Services

This bank serves different types of financial products in Bahrain & various regions. Its popular products include Credit Card,  Accounts, different kinds of finance options - Term Finance, Trade Finance, etc. Let’s read all in details - 

Credit Cards

Albaraka bank offers various types of credit cards with excellent features. With Albaraka credit cards one can avail the different benefits including discounts. It provides Platinum, Titanium, World & Gold Credit Cards to the customers according to their requirements. 


Albaraka bank offers its tailor-made various account options that are suitable for everyone’s needs. It provides Savings, Current, Investment & AlBaraka Accounts to the customers. 


With its various financing options, Albaraka bank gives the chance to the customers to make their dreams real. It provides Property Finance, Auto Finance, Term Finance, Trade Finance Working Capital Finance etc on easy & low - interest rates. 

Awards & Achievements


Award Name

Award By


Islamic Business and Finance Awards

Edbiz Corporation 

Customer Support

The bank serves customer support 24*7 to its customers. You can get in touch with the bank via call on +97313300400

CEO: Adnan Ahmed Yousif

Chairman: Abdullah Saleh Kamel

Founded Year: 1984

Head Quarters: Bahrain Bay, Manama

No. of Employees: 201 - 500

Total Assets: USD 23,831 Million

Net Profit: USD 217 Millions


Savings Account Savings Account
Credit Card Credit Card
Current Account Current Account

Savings Account Provided by Albaraka Bank

Savings Account

Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


Currency Account



Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


Currency Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum balance required to open a Current Account in Al Baraka bank?

A. The minimum amount required to open a current account is BD 200.

Q. What is the minimum salary to be eligible for applying for the gold credit card of Albaraka Bank?

A. The minimum salary required is 250 BD for applying for a gold credit card.

Q. What is the cash withdrawal limit for the gold credit card of Albaraka bank?

A. 25% of the credit limit is the cash withdrawal limit provided on Albaraka Gold Credit Card.