Privacy Policy

1. What are cookies
A Cookie is small data sent to your computer or any device you are using. This will make us understand your movement on our website and help us to serve you better on your next visit with the information that you are looking for.
2. Cookies we use
Session cookies
By having a track of your previous requests you need not submit the same information once you have already entered. This helps you in browsing faster without giving the details again each time you visit the website or any page.
Persistent, permanent or stored cookies
These cookies will remember your preferences and settings like language on the website when you visit in the future. It will also remember if you have logged in to the website. This speeds up your work. They will not collect any personal details unless the details are provided and approved by yourself. They would be stored on your computer or any device until you delete them or they expire.
Third-party cookies
We don’t create third party cookies for advertising, remarketing or any promotional purpose.
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to measure our website performance and create statistical reports according to the user's activity on our website. We will not share any of the user’s personal information to Google Analytics. The user’s activity may include number of visits to a page, average time spent on a page, user’s flow from page to page, etc.
3. Your rights
We will use your personal information only on:
  • Your approval to do so, or
  • If we have legitimate reason like to prevent fraud, etc.
You have the right at any time to:
  • Withdraw your cookies agreement;
  • Refuse cookies;
  • Delete cookies that are sent already;
  • Modify cookie settings.
If you wish to block or delete cookies by yourself, you can do it through your browser settings. To be noted: By deleting or refusing cookies, you may not be able to avail certain features on our website.
4. How to contact us
If you have any doubts or questions about our cookies and its policy, please contact us on
5. Other websites
Our website may have links to other sites. We are responsible for the set from those websites. Please read their cookies policy before accepting any.
6. Changes to our policy
We keep our policy updated with constant review. This was last updated on January 2019.